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Tips for Walking on a Treadmill

You simply cannot jump on and start walking on a treadmill. Many people in the craze of exercising forget that it needs methods and instantaneous workouts and results don’t exist. A wrong start, a wrong option click or running wrongly can cause serious injury.

You must know some tips for walking on a treadmill. These are important not for only smooth walking but also to get the benefits faster. Walking is preferred to running by people using treadmills. Yet, a majority of them just walk and complain that they are not getting the benefits of working out. You can have all the benefits if you follow these tips for walking.

Tips for walking on a treadmill

1. Start with a slow pace. Warm-up before you start the walk in normal speed. For that you need to adjust the speed to its lowest. And then walk slowly to warm-up.

2. Slowly increase your speed to normal walking like 1 to 1.5 miles per hour. Keep this normal speed at least a week. After that you can increase it gradually.

3. Make sure that you catch hold of the arms or handle bars when you rhyme yourself to the belt rotation. Take the support of the bars till you are an expert to walk without their support.

4. Always learn the safety buttons and their use.

5. Buy a treadmill that has a proper cushioning system. It’s very important to reduce the risk of getting hurt in the joints.

6. Buy a proper pair of running/walking shoes. Don't even walk without them.

7. Try to take short steps instead of long strides, this will cover more distance and will burn more calories.

8. After two weeks of walking, start the inclination system of your treadmill. Start with 1% and go on increasing after every four to five days by another percent.

9. Remember, rest is also very important. Don't walk everyday on the treadmill. At least two days rest in a week is important for the lactic acid formed in the muscles to get diluted in the body.

10. Take plenty of water daily. Since, you will sweat a lot and lose considerable amounts of body fluids during exercising.