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The Importance Of Aerobic Exercises To Lose Weight

Every time you see people at the gym working out, their vests drenched in sweat, you may be getting the impression that these people are making fantastic progress in getting rid of that extra weight, just by running or walking on the treadmill.

That may, not be the case always. Running and walking on treadmills is just not enough to loose weight. There is a class of exercises these people are either unaware of or have underestimated their importance. This class of exercises is called aerobics.

Aerobic exercises work on a number of muscle groups like the arms, legs and hips. This type of exercise  increases the  heart rate and burns a lot more fat than just plain walking, jogging or running. There are a number of benefits of aerobic exercise. The body draws more oxygen into the bloodstream. The body pumps blood much faster. As a result, the cells of our body are rejuvenated with a fresh supply of oxygen.

This form of exercise leaves you with a day’s supply of energy. It boosts the secretion of endorphins, a natural feel good chemical. The effect of endorphins is similar to morphine, and it is like a natural pain reliever. If you go through a strenuous session of exercise, say aerobic exercise, then you will definitely get a high after your session is over.

The use of treadmills for exercise and aerobic routines does not always ensure that you will live longer, but it definitely helps you to keep in shape and thereby generally maintain and enjoy a better and healthier life.. Additionally, such exercise routines decelerates the normal ageing process making your actual or real age younger than your chronological age. Many studies conducted indicate that people who do aerobics exercise live longer than people who do not perform such exercise.

You can  increases your stamina, manage stress and improves sexual performance. A 2003 study at Harvard Medical School indicated that men who ran for 3 hours or more each week reportedly functioned sexually like men who were a few years younger. That should appear to be sufficient reason for all men to get running out there on the treadmills!

Aerobic exercises and a healthy diet are equally important in loosing weight. Wish you the best of luck to loose weight and become a healthier person!