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Spirit Treadmill

Spirit treadmills are brought to you by one of the reputed manufacturers of treadmills and other exercise equipment in USA called the Spirit Fitness Company. The first company ever in treadmill history to use the Heart Rate monitors. The first one to offer PWM technology in all the home treadmills and the only manufacturer that offers on almost all of the treadmills, a controlled low impact design system called Trax Flex.

If you look at the treadmill reviews you will definitely find the name of Spirit  treadmills. The critics have been regularly rating this brand of treadmills as a  good home buy for the mid segment budget.  If you consult an expert in treadmills, Spirit is very likely to be mentioned a good choice for the home segment.

  A spirit treadmill has features that are make it very simple to use and yet very unique in style. Though they are simple in design, they are reliable and priced competitively compared to other highly priced brands.

There are many models of Spirit treadmills and they cover the expectation of every  consumer in the mid segment. The treadmills have all the reliable accessories and good quality mechanical units needed for workouts. The motor of all the Spirit models are of good quality and the warranties cover the treadmill for a reasonably good time period.  In a Spirit treadmill you will find enough belt space, strong deck, perfect cushioning system, good inclinations and overall durability.

The Spirit treadmills basically come in two series- Z series and the X series which is also called the Inspire series. The series are different in terms of technology,, design and accessories with a slight variation in the cost. Despite the differences, both the series are great for health conscious individuals and health freaks. A top notch product that will last you for years.