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Smooth Treadmill Offers: A Glance

The rising health consciousness among the people world over has created a whole buzz in the fitness industry. The manufacturers of different health equipments as a resulted are up roaring this buzz by launching newer models and techniques of exercising machines. Talking about the treadmill manufacturers, let’s find out what all the Smooth Treadmills has got for you.

Well, Smooth Treadmills have received accolades, not only from the consumers but also from the experts in the field. They bring with themselves an impeccable exercising experience in the form of the right cushioning, powerful motor and extra stability. Smooth has in offer for you a range of eight different treadmills, of which six are equipped with a folding option. These treadmills are categorized into the mid-range treadmills. They are priced right as the features aptly match the prices. Smooth treadmills are generally equipped with a minimum of 2.5 horsepower.

Some of the best offers by Smooth are:

1. Smooth 5.25 Treadmill:
This treadmill flaunts a large running belt. The machine has motor of 2.25 horsepower with a maximum speed of 10mph. The deck area measures 53 by 20 inches, making it a comfortable machine for exercising. The machine also flaunts a handgrip heart rate monitor. It provides a maximum inclination of 15 per cent and comes equipped with a folding option.

2. Smooth 6.25 Treadmill:
The motor of this treadmill is larger than the 5.25 model and runs at a maximum speed of 10mph. The inclination provided is 15 per cent. This treadmill has a larger running surface, which is 54 by 20 inches. The heart rate monitor is of the handgrip version with the addition of chest straps available with it.
3. Smooth 7.1HR PRO Treadmill:
This model flaunts a motor of 2.75 horsepower, giving a maximum speed of 10mph. The total inclination offered by this treadmill is 15 per cent. The running surface measures 45 by 20 inches. The heart rate monitor is of a handgrip version and flaunts a power folding option, an addition from rest of the models.
4. Smooth 9.17 HRO Treadmill:
The machine flaunts a motor of 3 horsepower which is equipped to provide a maximum speed of 10mph. This treadmill has a large deck area, measuring 54 by 20 inches. The best part about this machine is that it has a set of 12 pre-programmed workout programs, which offers you the maximum comfort. The machine comes with a warranty of five years. Another good thing about this machine is that it has a wireless heart rate controller, which will adjust the speed and the inclination of the machine automatically, all by itself. The machine also features power folding.