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Schwinn Treadmill: A Good Option

Schwinn treadmill is a sister brand of Trimline Treadmills which are one of the fastest selling treadmill brands in the United States. The same manufacturer makes both of them. So, you can expect a quality similar to Trimline treadmill when you purchase an Schwinn treadmill. Schwinn treadmill is just the brand for you, if you are looking for a treadmill that can be used for occasional running or jogging. Recreational. Schwinn treadmill is not meant for commercial use or for heavy training regimen. Schwinn treadmill can be purchased in a price bracket of $1400 to $2000. These treadmills are easily available online. You get good discounts on Schwinn treadmills.

Schwinn treadmill comes in a wide range and models. However, three most popular Schwinn treadmill models are available in the market. These are the Schwinn 820p Treadmill, the Schwinn 835p Treadmill and the Schwinn 845p Treadmill. All these models of Schwinn treadmill are meant for home use and offer good value for money.

The Schwinn treadmill 820p is priced $1399. It offers the beset motor warranty in the sub $1500 price bracket. This Schwinn treadmill comes with a powerful 2.0HP motor. This can offer speeds in a range of 0.5 to 10mph and can incline up to 15%. There are 10 program modes in the 820p Schwinn treadmill, five of which are preset, three can be defined by the user, and the rest of the two programs are heart rate programs.

This machine does not come in folding form factor, and offers a 20” wide and 54” long belt. The deck of this Schwinn treadmill has Strike Zone Deck Cushioning, and you get Quick speed keys for switching between exercise modes. The machine offers an impressive 30-year warranty on frame and 30 year on motor. Apart from this, there is a two-year warranty on parts and electronics and one year labor and wear item warranty.

The mid priced model on offer in the line of Schwinn treadmill is the 835p model. This model also offers the best warranty in its price bracket. It comes with a 30-year frame and motor warranty, two-year warranty for parts and electronics and a one-year warranty for labor and wear items. Apart from some minor differences, this model is similar in specifications to the 820p Schwinn treadmill. This Schwinn treadmill does not come with a folding form factor either and features Grip Heart Rate monitoring.

One of the highest priced Schwinn treadmills is the 845p model. This model comes with a standard 2.5HP motor. It can generate speeds in a range of 0.5 to 11mph. But, you have to compromise on the incline level, which can go only as high as 12 % as opposed to 15 % in other models.

Schwinn treadmills are a good option for you, if you are looking for great warranty schemes.