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RX 4000 Reebok Treadmill

Treadmill market is full of brands and producers, but only a few of them register in expert review and rating. Review on Reebok treadmill has been noticed online, and consumer attention has been also noticed towards its models. Although, most of the reviews on Reebok treadmill, declare it to be the best brand, but in reality, it is below the highest quality brand such as Star Track. It exists above middle level brands. Since, brand Reebok has been long associated with shoes, there existed a perception that Reebok is synonymous to shoes. But, this general perception has been broken down by surge in popularity of Reebok treadmills.To know more about Reebok treadmills, Review on RX 4000 reebok treadmill.

Once you gear up to do a review on Reebok treadmill, you have options to review a number of models. But right now, I would prefer zooming in on  Reebok RX 4000 model. Following are its advantages:

* Powerful Motor- The biggest benefit of the Rx 4000, is its 2.5 HP continuous duty motor. This motor power strengthens the treadmill to bear the burden of carrying even a person with 250 lb weight. It is used on a large scale.

* A comfortable belt- Belt size that is 20" X 60" is sufficient for even a bulky and tall person to do workout with ease. This belt also possesses Reebok's Energex Impact Absorption System of cushioning, that ensures safety of your back muscles and joints while doing exercise.

* Good for running exercise- Belt is quite compatible for even running exercises.

* A comprehensive display panel- LCD display panel offers details on calories burnt, distance, speed, incline and pulse. Quickspeed function and a 7 X 20 workout matrix display are additional features in this model.

* Multiple workout options- An incline function of  0-12 % power is additional benefit. 10 pre-programmed workouts are possible on the RX 4000 which makes it a good option for consumer.

EKG Grip Pulse Sensor- The best thing with this treadmill is that it possesses EKG Grip Pulse Sensor, that can display your pulse directly on the console. It is of great assistance for cardiac exercise. The RX 4000 also comes with a chest strap sensor.

This treadmill has turned out to be a choice for trainer. The lifestyle conscious folks, who can't afford Norditrack and Star Track compact may go for this model.