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RX 4000 Model

There are various leading brands to be reviewed. Reebok treadmill review could also be done as it is one of the leading brands. Usually, this brand's name is associated with shoes but it's soaring popularity for treadmill has altered this common perception.

While doing Reebok treadmill review, there exists an option for reviewing various models offered by the brand for workout at home. Right now, the Reebok treadmill review is offered on the most popular model that is Reebok RX 4000. 

This popular brand is also produced by Icon company, the giant in treadmill industry. Although, it's not the best brand available, it could be classified as, above middle and below the high quality brand. Advantage with the RX 4000 is it's 2.5 HP continuous duty motor. This motor power enables the treadmill to bear even a person with 250 lb weight. This motor power also depicts durability of the treadmill.

Belt size that is 20" X 60" is enough for even a bulky and tall person, to do the workout comfortably. The belt is also equipped with Reebok's Energex Impact Absorption System of cushioning that guarantees no harm to your back muscles and joints while you do the workout. Belt is quite compatible for even running exercises.

* LCD display panel provides details on Calories burned, distance, speed, incline and pulse.
* Quickspeed function and a 7 X 20 workout matrix display are added features in this model.
* An incline function of 0-12 % power is an added advantage.
* Availability of 10 pre-programmed workouts on the RX 4000 makes it a good choice for consumer.
The best part about this treadmill is that it possesses an EKG Grip Pulse Sensor that can display your pulse directly on the console. It is of great help for cardiac exercise. The RX 4000 also comes with a chest strap sensor.

This treadmill has turned out to be a delight for trainer. It could be a good option for lifestyle conscious middle income group consumer who is a fitness freak.