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Running Workouts For Treadmill

Treadmill workouts can be divided in two types—running and walking. If you are a serious health freak, running is the better mode of exercise for you. To extract maximum gain from your workout schedule, you will have to follow a definite set of rules which are proven and time-tested. Mere running on the treadmill gives you little if you take to it with a casual approach.

The methods of running workouts for treadmill are pretty simple and uncluttered. To begin with, run easy for the first ten minutes. Then set the pace of your machine on a higher notch and run hard for 3 minutes. Follow it with another three minutes of relaxed jogging which will help you recover. Again run fast for 3 minutes. Do not forget to alternate your hard running with recovery jogs. Repeat this schedule two times. Before coming to a halt, run for ten minutes at a comfortable speed to cool down.

Another mode recommends warming up for ten minutes before you start running on a 1 degree incline. Set the machine at your regular marathon pace. Run for 1 minute and then elevate the surface to 2 degrees. Run for two minutes. In this way you should go on increasing the level of incline. Over time it will give you more stamina.

There is another method for the more serious folks. Warm up and then run for 10 minutes at 10 K speed. Recover with a 4 minute soft run. Again run at 10 K for 10 minutes and slow down for 4 minutes. Wrap it up by properly cooling down.

If you follow this schedule religiously, it will make you a more efficient runner after some amount of time. However, there are some important aspects to keep in mind. Do not overwork yourself. Do these not more than two times a week. And you should not forget to set the elevation at a 1 degree. This will make up for the lack of air resistance while running indoors and help maintain the equilibrium.