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Running Treadmill Review

Treadmills come with different exercise purposes. Treadmills suitable for beginners can't be suitable for other complex exercises users as complex users demand additional features on treadmill. Seeing that, manufactures tend to produce specialized purpose based treadmills. That's why, running treadmills are different from walking treadmills and the basic difference lies in width and length of the belt. Running treadmills possess greater width belt. To know more about treadmills, read running treadmill review.

Running treadmill review could be seen in fitness magazines as well as on various online treadmill sites. Once you go through these sites, these running treadmill reviews would make you acquainted with all necessary details on running treadmill. It will also make you aware of various running treadmill models. These running treadmill reviews are often written by a renowned trainer or doctor or a former athlete. Following are some models of treadmill suited for running-

* Sole ''F 63'' is one of the best running treadmill of middle price range, with an incredible warranty period of twenty years. It possesses multiple features and is used by a large number of people.

* Sole possess a 325-pound weight capacity and a 55" x 20" running surface, longer than other treadmills for beginners. It has six programs, speed and incline controls on the armrests and both handgrip and chest-strap pulse sensors. The Sole treadmill folds up for storage.

* Pace Master Gold Elite treadmill is probably the best treadmill for running. It is equipped with 400-pound weight capacity and 60" x 20" running surface. It's a good buying deal for regular runners. It also has an interactive heart-rate monitoring system which keeps your exercise in your target zone. Its three horsepower continuous duty capacity makes it perfect for complex running exercises.

''Landice L7 High Marks'' is another running treadmill that is very popular. It's workout features are almost similar to Pace Master Gold Elite.