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Reviews on Pacemaster Treadmill

The price range of these treadmills lies between $1500 and $3000. Their quality brings them excellent reviews from all the treadmill experts. Pacemaster treadmill reviews have been good for a long time because they are dedicated to producing only the mid-range models. Being focused, they can concentrate on the technology that makes the best mid-range models. They are reviewed as being cost effective for the features a Pacemaster provides for its price.
The Pacemaster treadmill reviews often boast about the motors used which are usually in a range of 2.5 hp to 3.5 hp. And the belt dimension is between 55” x 20” in almost all the models. Even the non-lubricating belts are provided as an add-on. The lifetime warranty of the frame, 12 years for the motor and five years for other parts is a major attraction for buying a Pacemaster

However, one negative aspect of the Pacemaster treadmill review is the use of aluminum frames which makes the machine very light compared to others and thus, the stability factor becomes an issue.