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Whenever it comes to treadmill reviews, people say that most of these reviews of treadmills are manipulated and possess exaggerations and falsification. But, these opinions are based on presumption of people as they are unable to do away with their unnecessary skepticism. Reality is quite contrary and these reviews of treadmills seem to serve the society by making people acquainted with all required knowledge on treadmills that help them in making a good purchase. Particularly, consumer reviews of treadmills are of great help as these are based on personal experiences of reviewers. By going through consumer treadmill reviews, you can make an opinion comfortably. Reviews often end up suggesting various models of good brands. To know more about treadmill reviews, read reviews of treadmills.

Reviews give you insight on various aspects of treadmill. While making purchase of a treadmill, the price is not the only important factor. Usually cost ranges from $200 to $6,000. Along with price, buyer must see fulfillment of his requirements. So, buyers budget in consonance with his/her needs becomes the core issue while picking the best possible equipment suited to buyer's exercise needs. Various models of treadmill serve various purposes. Just because of that, buyers' need is prerequisite before purchase. For example, a walking treadmill model with less width of belt can't serve the running purpose. It requires more width, and length of belt.

Cardiac treadmills are designed to monitor heart rate and ECG. So, a consumer with cardiovascular exercise need must buy a model equipped with heart rate monitor and ECG monitors. A long warranty period is also a pivotal factor in finalizing a purchase deal with retailer. Some leading brands are Nordic Trac, Star Track and Proform. These are produced by same producer Icon. Precor treadmills are also very popular and they best serve the need of middle income group. Precor is considered to be a pioneer of the elliptical treadmills and they have mastered the technology over the years. Weslo treadmills are the cheapest treadmills available in the market.

Reviews given by trainer and fitness doctor are of special importance and help consumer make a final choice.