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Reviews On the Best Treadmills

To point out the best treadmills among all the available brands in different price brackets is a difficult task. This task is made a lot easier by taking the help of reviews of the best treadmills. These reviews are created by experts in this field and fitness professionals and their opinion is usually unbiased and gives an honest picture about a treadmill and its utility.
If you go through the reviews of the best treadmills you will come across the names of all the reputed brands like Icon Health Fitness, Healthrider, Nordictrack, Landice, Precor, Life Fitness, Smooth, and Sole. The treadmills from all these manufacturers are top-rated treadmills.

Sole F80- This is rated as one of the best-folded home treadmills. The warranty is of 20 years which is one of the maximum in the industry. The belt dimension is 55” x 20”. The speed of the treadmill rises up to 12 km/hr. In fact, these features with inclination and cushioning system make it one of the best-rated treadmills for home use.

Image 19.0 - Though the treadmill has the least warranty of three months, yet the reviews are good mainly because of its features and the service it provides. The motor and the belt with a dimension of 56” x 20” can make workouts smoother and more enjoyable.

Pacemaster Platinum - This treadmill has a negative inclination to make the runners make their front legs stronger. The motor with the power of 3.0 hp can be used by the most serious runners and long distance exercisers and the belt dimension of 60” x 20” allows a more comfortable run with longer strides.