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Review of Weslo Cadence C42 Treadmill

You have decided to buy a treadmill and start on an exercise program in order to get back into shape. Yet, you are confused since there is a wide array of brands, features and models which are available and you don’t know which one to buy.

To top it all, you aren’t exactly ready to spend a small fortune on a treadmill, well at least not yet.  You want to get used to the idea of using a treadmill and maybe at a later date you might upgrade.

The Weslo Cadence C42 Treadmill is just the right one for you. It is manufactured by Icon Fitness Inc. This company is considered to be one of the largest manufacturers of both commercial and domestic home fitness equipment. It has a track record of 25 successful years and has an impeccable image of reliability and quality.

This model is retailed at around $400. It is available at a number of easily available locations such as department stores.

At the price, it is not short on features and is considered a good buy. There are a number of satisfied and proud owners of this particular model.  Most of them will easily and unhesitatingly recommend this model to you.
The motor is a 2.0 HP and the model offers a speed range of up to 10 mph. It has an incline range of 3 to 10%. The only one drawback is the very small tread area which is only 16 by 50 inch.

In spite of that it is gives you great value for money. Check out its features and try one out at a location close to you. You will not be disappointed.