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Review of Reebok Treadmill

A great variety of branded treadmills are available in the market today. These range from economy models to very high priced gizmos. It becomes a difficult job to choose the right treadmill from such a huge range of choices. Reebok treadmills are a brand that people can trust and depend on. The company is one of the largest and most reputable manufacturers of fitness equipment.

It may be true that Reebok treadmills are little more  expensive than other brands. Generally their price range starts from $1000 to $2000, which is higher than similar  treadmills of other brands. It is a well known  name that is synonymous with excellence  around the world. Reebok along with Icon Health and Fitness produces some of the finest treadmills.

Some of the finest  treadmills for home users are the Reebok 5500C, Reebok 3500C and the iRun treadmill. These treadmills can be folded are compact, and have different types of pre programmable workout options. They possess a 2 to 3 horse power motor and a large sized tread belt of area 20 inch x 60 which  stands on 2.5" rollers so that it allows smooth and quiet workouts.

 Horsepower, durability of motor, low noise and warranty are essential features which one should look for in a treadmill.  The Reebok treadmills  have a warranty period of 2 to3 years for the motor, belt, and all other electrical components and  a lifetime guarantee on frames. They also provide free labor service for 1 year.

A little hitch is that Reebok does not specialize in treadmills components. This is a minor disadvantage of the treadmill, but you must take all pros and cons into consideration before buying a treadmill.

If you wish to save time and do not want to spend your valuable time in comparing costs and qualities of all the brands available in the market, then Reebok is a safe and dependable  option because of its quality and  reputation. With Reebok, you can be self assured that the company will always be there for you.