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Review of HealthRider s300i Treadmill

The HealthRider s300i treadmill is an amazing piece of fitness equipment with many unique features. It has a motor that is almost noiseless and is therefore called the Quiet Drive motor. The treadmill has variable speeds from zero  to 10 M.P.H. and can provide power incline of approximately 10 percent.

It is also capable of running the interactive programs that will keep you motivated and make your workouts interesting. The iFit feature actually controls inclines and speed of the workouts while giving you the pleasure of inspirational music along with coaching for the workout beat.

 It is programmed for six challenging workout programs that are inbuilt within its console. These programs allow a variety and range of interesting workouts. The s300i model treadmill also features SoftTrack – a cushioning feature that is a specialty of HealthRider treadmills which reducing the impact on the ankles, knees and joints.

This feature of HealthRider has sophisticated controls and console that provides interactivity for the fitness workouts with the latest technology. The patented programming allows workouts with automatically controlled inclines and speeds on the treadmill and can be run in real-time through the web, or played with CDs or videos. Such interactive exercising workouts provide unparalleled customization and great results.

The six workouts that are preprogrammed add variety along with challenge to the workout routines designed for jogging, walking, and cardio workouts and training.

With its BioLogic feature you can track your progress to the minute using an easily readable panel that displays time, distance, speed, incline, pulse, and calories burnt.

The inclines can be adjusted in 0.5 percent gap increments easily and the treadmill can be configured for Power Inclines or mountain and hilly runs. With these features, it is easy to adjust the exercise intensity without causing any breaks or interruptions in your workouts.
The treadmill’s 1.5 H.P. continuous-duty drive motor allows a consistent and smooth workouts for walking or running from 0 to 10 M.P.H speeds.