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Reebok V2000 Treadmill

  Reebok is a well-known brand name. One of the models, the Reebok V2000 treadmill is a treadmill that you would love to own. People buy treadmills to keep up their exercise routine in spite of bad weather or time constraints.

Quite a  few on-line stores sell the Reebok Treadmill.  Icon Health and Fitness manufactures Reebok treadmill for home use. The Reebok V2000 treadmill lies in mid range treadmills with features that give you a great workout experience.

This stylish and sophisticated model is just right for home workouts. It fits in well with any décor.  It has built in wheels, which is a very thoughtful feature. You can place it in drawing room or bedroom or even in the balcony, where you can workout in the fresh air. If you want to watch TV just move the machine into your living room and enjoy the show, while you workout.

The most important feature of any treadmill is its motor. Reebok V2000 treadmill comes with a durable motor of about 2.0 HP at peak performance rating and 1.5 HP during continuous performance. The machine comes with a console that displays speed, time, distance, calories, and heart rate. It console has a backlit display and is easily readable even in poor ambient light.

The belt in Reebok V2000 treadmill is sufficiently long and wide, which makes walking and running easy. It has efficient shock absorbers; good for people with back or knee problems. The safety button helps in preventing accidental mishaps. The treadmill also comes with incline option that can be adjusted manually according to personal requirement.

The Reebok V2000 treadmill is of a foldable design. You can fold and store it easily, saving on space. It is great for cardiovascular workouts. The Reebok V2000 treadmill is a great treadmill that will give you years of trouble free performance and keep you healthy and fit.