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Read Consumer Reviews on Treadmills.

Choosing a treadmill may not difficult, but choosing the best machine can often prove to be an uphill task. This is due to the enormous variety of treadmill products available in today’s fitness market. There are treadmills to suit every budget and fulfill every possible fitness need.

Amidst such an array of fitness products, the potential customer will naturally become  totally bewildered about which particular treadmill to buy. Often the information provided by the manufacturer is a mere part of the sales strategy and hence does not appear to be reliable to the buyer.

In such cases taking a look at some of the consumer reviews  may help to solve the confusion. The consumer reviews provide independent views on various products. Treadmills are also covered under these reviews as a part of  home gym equipment.

Consumer reviews treadmills offer appraisals of different treadmill brands and models on the basis of reviews by professionals, manufacturers and consumers. These evaluations are based on online research or interviews with professional trainers and coaches.

A lot of the consumer reviews on treadmills are available as consumer guides, which offer useful buying advice. Some consumer reviews are accessible online, while some others are presented in fitness and health magazines.

Some reputed sources of consumer reviews on treadmills include Prevention magazine, Consumer Reports,,, Advanced Fitness and Runner’s World.

Prevention magazine is a leading fitness magazine in US that provides useful consumer reviews on treadmills. Consumer Reports  is another American health magazine that publishes reports of various treadmill varieties. It evaluates treadmills on overall scores and recommends the four best buy treadmill models, after evaluating  quality and worth.

Among the online sources, Treadmill Doctor and, provide credible reviews on different treadmill products and models. rates different treadmills on the criteria of comfort, quality and durability. It lists the product prices as well. The ratings of Treadmill are based on price, stability, expert ranking and the value for money. It provides vital information about the best buys in different budget categories.

The treadmill models of Smooth, Image, Precor, Sole and Nordic are among the most highly rated and  recommended by consumer reviews.

Consumer reviews offer critical appraisal of various treadmill models. They provide beneficial information based on actual facts and very reliable ratings. They provide much needed assistance to the consumer by in buying the right product. These reviews are also useful to the manufacturer, as they aid identification of lapses in products and services and help the company to rectify these areas of concern.