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Proform Treadmills vs. Proform 2500 Model

The Proform 2500 Treadmill is no longer available, as the model has been withdrawn from manufacturing. You can still manage to get a used piece or find one at some stores from their old stocks. However, many things were wrong with this model.

The running surface in the Proforma 2500 treadmill was 18” x 50”. It came with a 1.5chp commercial grade motor. The treadmill’s incline was adjustable  between 1.5 percent and 10 percent. It also had a ProTech Plus cushioning system that was comfortable for workouts and helped reduce stress on joints.

It also came with a heart rate monitor with grip pulse sensors that enabled one to monitor the targeted heart rate and tracked pulse. Its control panel enabled monitoring of distance, speed, time and calories burnt. It came with six pre-programmed workouts for variety and was iFit compatible.

The Proforma 2500 treadmill suffered from some disadvantages. Let us look at two of the biggest disadvantages. First, the quality of the components was below satisfactory. Second, the walking surface was very small. Because of these two major issues, users gave the treadmill a below average rating.
At 1.5 chp, the motor was underpowered and the 90 day warranty was not up to the customer’s expectations. One of the few plus points about the 2500 model treadmill were its extremely competitive price of $588. The treadmill was inexpensive and probably provided value for its low price. However, experts cautioned that it would prove expensive in the long haul. It had a very high noise level and overall performance was poor.

Overall, experts advised to stay away from this model and examine other brands within the same price range.

However, other Proform treadmills models available are priced at the same range as the 2500 model. Three such comparable models are the Proform 995 SEL Treadmill, the Proform 795 SL Treadmill and the Proform Crosswalk GTS Treadmill. Besides these three, there are many other good models in the Proform range.