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Precor Treadmills: What Is Good About Its Offers?

There are many market players in the treadmill industry, but certain treadmill manufacturers lead the way for others. Precor is one such industry player which has set a whole pattern of treadmill manufacturing world over.

Precor is known for making treadmills that have high quality, powerful motors, huge running decks and tremendous stability. Most of the treadmills by Precor come with a warranty of ten years. The only disadvantage that a Precor treadmill carries is that they are over-priced and have done away with the option of folding machines. But with so many benefits in hand, paying a huge price becomes a small affair.

Now let us talk about the Precor treadmill models that you can consider to buy. 

Precor M9.31 Treadmill

It is the most basic treadmill available in this brand. This treadmill flaunts a large motor of 2.75 horsepower. This motor is capable of providing you a running speed of 11mph. The only disadvantage that this model carries is that it does not come equipped with a heart rate monitor. The running surface that it provides is 57 by 20 inches. The maximum inclination that it offers is 15 per cent. Another disadvantage is that it is not a folding machine.

Precor M9.33 Treadmill

This is one of the highly recommended treadmills from Precor. Although this treadmill possesses most of the features of the previous profiled model, it scores better in terms of the thirteen pre-programmed workout programs that are equipped in the machine. It also comes with a heart rate monitor. The only disadvantage that it carries is that the machine cannot be folded.

Precor M9.35 Treadmill

It is also one of the recommended Precor models. It flaunts a larger motor of 3 horsepower. It comes with a set of eighteen pre-programmed workouts. It offers a running surface area of 57 by 20 inches with an inclination of 15 per cent. It comes equipped with a heart rate monitor but has no folding option with it.

Precor M9.55 Treadmill

This is the top treadmill machine that Precor is offering till date. It flaunts a humungous 3.2 horsepower motor that produces a speed of 12mph. It also flaunts a huge deck area of 60 by 21 inches, which is quite accommodating even for the strongest runner. It is equipped with seventeen pre-programmed workout programs. It has a heart rate machine but no folding option.