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Pacemaster Treadmills Reviewed

Pacemaster treadmill is a company of repute. It has been in the manufacturing business of manufacturing  high quality treadmills since the past 35 years. The Pacemaster range of treadmills is held in high esteem by experts and other authorities of the fitness industry.

These treadmills are available at a price range between 1500 dollars to 2300 dollars. The treadmills are of great quality and a good value for money. The fact is that if you consider the quality, then these treadmills are some of the most inexpensive treadmills available today. People who think that these treadmills are expensive should take a look at the quality and reconsider their opinion.

Almost any unbranded treadmill that you purchase near $ 800 dollars will prove to be expensive with the passage of time. Repair costs in terms of labor, maintenance and spare parts will burn a deep hole into your pocket.

The Pacemaster Brand is made by the company Aerobics Inc in New Jersey. Some of the best brains in the fitness industry are behind the design and the features of these treadmills. One of them Dr Kenneth Cooper has used scientific and ergonomic principles to design the range of Pacemaster treadmills. No effort is spared to ensure that the customer gets the finest product and trend setting after sales service.

The quality is evident from the fact that the minimum warranty on the Pacemaster treadmills is 5 years on the parts and 1 year on labor costs. The warranty on the most sensitive and trouble prone part of a treadmill, the motor, is an astounding 12 years. That is a warranty that will definitely inspire confidence in the mind of the prospective buyer.

It is not surprising that these treadmills have been able to hold their market position in spite of stiff competition.