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Overview of Life Fitness T3 & T3i Treadmills

Life Fitness treadmills are often used by many international athletes, members of health clubs and personnel from the armed forces.

The Life treadmill lines on offer are mainly two, namely: the Life Fitness Cardio and the Life Fitness Sport Cardio. In the Cardio Fitness category, there are seven different treadmill options while the second line, Fitness Sport Cardio offers two treadmill options.

Series T in Life's available treadmills are direct descendants of the models in the commercial category. The series starts with the value-for-money benchmark model, the standard T3 and culminates with the T9i model. A leading health magazine incidentally has favorably reviewed the T9i model.

Life's T3 series includes several basic models of treadmills. The two main choices here are the T3 & T3i models. Both these treadmill provide a variety of diverse features that include classic workouts with hill, manual or random settings, and workouts for sport training with normal, 5K or 10K training settings besides EZ Incline and TM workouts. Both T3 and T3i treadmills have displays for speed, distances, inclines, heart rates, elapsed time and calorie consumption rate.

The Series T3 is the company’s economy price range of treadmills. The series consists of the T3 and T3i. The control panel and the monitoring features for heart rate are basic in the T3 model. The T3i is more expensive at around just under $3,000. Its slick training facilities under its heart rate zone is a fantastic feature. The basic features of the T3i model are a 2.5 hp continuous duty motor, a running surface of 54in x 20in, maximum speed of 10mph, maximum incline of 15 percent and a heart rate monitor. It is a non-folding type of treadmill. The Consumer Report selected Life's T3i treadmill as the best buy in 2002.

Both T3 and T3i treadmills can accommodate inclines of 15 percent and up to 10 M.P.H. speeds. Besides, Life's T3i treadmills also include the Polar Telemetry® with several cardio features like heart rate interval, heart rate hill and extreme heart rate settings for heart rate zone training workouts. Life's treadmills in series T3 come with a 2.5 HP motor that supports inclination levels up to 15 percent.

Life's treadmills are designed to fit well into most homes. Besides, these treadmills are priced less for those seeking a good treadmill that has a variety of features that can provide good workouts at home without the need to go anywhere else.