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Nordic Track Treadmill: The Best Balance Between Price And Features!

Of all the treadmill makers which are popular today, Nordic Track can almost always secure a position in the top five. The company is known for making good quality products, selling them at affordable prices and backing their products with excellent customer support. Regardless of which level of fitness enthusiast you may be, there is a treadmill in Nordic Track’s ranks that can fulfill most if not all your requirements.

Nordic Track has also priced the treadmills very sensibly. The basic models begin as low as just $1000 and the people who want the best need not pay more than $5000 to get the treadmill of their choice. Some of the most innovative features by Nordic Track are the Reflex Deck mechanism which makes the shock absorbing systems much more effective.

Similarly there is the new iFit feature where you can hook your treadmill to the Internet and the treadmill would download new exercise regimens and programs from Nordic Track. The fact that these treadmills use a virtual console means that any number of workout routines can be stored on the machine. Every member of the family who uses a Nordic Track treadmill can have his program stored on the machine and use it when he wants.

All the Nordic Track treadmills come with a heart rate monitor, an aspect where most of the other el cheapo models try to cut costs. The monitor relies on pulse sensor mechanism built into the hand rails of treadmill. All that is required to make the system work is to hold the handrail. No need to attach anything to your body. The treadmills are also easy to control and they feature one touch control for most of the commonly used features.

Nordic Track treadmills do not try to cut the slack when it comes to warranty either. There is a unique 3-2-1 year warranty where motor has 3 year warranty, the parts have 2 year warranty and there is a 1 year labor warranty on these treadmills as well.

If you want to buy a treadmill that gives a good workout to your body and complete peace to your mind, Nordic Track is the one you have been looking for.