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Magazine Ratings Of Treadmills

Most magazine ratings of treadmills agree that they are one of the most effective body workouts available in the busy day to day life. They surveyed the consumers and rated them on performance. To know more on "magazine ratings of treadmills", read New Branded Treadmills.

Many magazine ratings of treadmills report health benefits and a healthy heart due to workout. Some magazine comments that new treadmills are the best to provide proper workout programs and exercise regimes but this may not always be true, since some old, good model treadmills can provide the same.

Runner's World magazine rates the top 10 treadmills in your vicinity. The Runner's World editors evaluated the 10 best health machines. The review was focused on "home" treadmills within $1,400 to $4,500 of price range. Within this range of machines, one gets the desired facilities required for cardiac exercise and a positive lifestyle. The article says that you may find cheaper models with similar features, but they are not worth a long performance.

The Runner's World rated the treadmills by the following criteria:
1) Cushioning
2) Stability
3) Actual Pace
4) Decibels

The top ten brands are:
a) Smooth
b) True
c) Landice
d) Life e) Fitness
f) Pacemaster
g) Precor
h) Image
i) Cybex
j) Star Trac
k) Unturi

Treadmill Doctor Magazine recently gave Smooth 7.1 HR, the highest rating for a treadmill in the $1,000 - $1,500 category. They recited it as "a big, stable machine that is a good value". And below that range they called the Smooth 5.15 P as one of the best treadmills on the market less than $1000 that one can rely.