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Lose Weight by Walking on a Treadmill

Walking is the best form of exercise. Do you realize that we hardly walk a kilometer a day? You roam around the rooms of your office or home, but how much of that is in the form of real physical activity? Your solution to this problem can be a treadmill. It is possible to lose weight by walking on a treadmill.

Treadmill is the best and easiest way to shape-up. Why a treadmill? That's because you have the freedom to carry the workouts at any time of the day without any trouble of a fixed regimen. This eliminates the excuse factor for not working out. While buying a treadmill, be sure to buy one with a powerful motor of at least 2.0 hp.

Begin with a normal walk at a decent pace. The speed must be 1to 1.5 miles per hour. Continue this for three to four days to acquaint your body with the change you have brought upon. Sudden start of exercising can create problems and you may suffer from bowel irregularity and joint aches. Then increase the speed a little more for another three to four days. And then from the end of the second week, you can start the workout programs inserted in your treadmill or follow the ones given in health magazines. But remember, rest is also important. After three days of exercising, rest on the fourth day which means no walking on the treadmill at all. Massage your joints lightly during the rest day.