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There is a very deep relationship between health and happiness. The comforts and luxuries that we may be able to afford are useless if we are not healthy. Health is one of the key ingredients to happiness.

Exercising on a treadmill is a great way to keep our selves in good physical shape. A treadmill provides us with cardiovascular exercise. Treadmills have been recognized by fitness experts as a way to get back into shape.

One of the companies that merit mention here is Lifetsyle. The company manufactures a wide range of exercise equipment ranging from treadmills, exercise bikes to complete home fitness studios.

The treadmills and other exercise equipment manufactured by Lifestyle Fitness cater to different needs and budgets.  The prices range from around 1200 to 5000 dollars. There are three brands of treadmills that are manufactured by the company. These are the Landice, Pacemaster and vision ranges of treadmills.

Let us take a look at some of the models below.

Pacemaster gold
Priced at around $2200, this treadmill has an astonishing set of features that are not available in treadmills that cost twice the amount. It is a model that excels on all fronts, whether we consider reliability, power, walking area, cushioning or warranty.

It is difficult to find a treadmill with the features at the price.

Powered by a 3HP continuous heavy-duty motor the treadmill takes on a maximum weight of 400lbs. With a running surface of 20 by 60 inches, you can workout on the treadmills for any duration that you feel comfortable. A lifetime warranty on the frame and a 12-year warranty on the motor makes the deal even sweeter.

Landice L8 ProSport
This machine is meant for the serious training and fitness enthusiast. It comes with inbuilt workout programs. One of the very unique features of the treadmill is that it has a progress indicator that indicates your progress on the workout program that you have selected.