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Life Fitness Treadmill Review

Recently I accompanied my friend to buy a new treadmill for him. It  was really a good experience as I came to  know a lot of  things about the  treadmills on the market. Life fitness is a name that people would never have trusted six to seven years ago.

I was stunned to see the developments and modifications in the product, and was more surprised to see that it was the highest selling treadmill in the previous year. There is nothing magical about the product except its performance. It has challenged even the best brands in the market. 

The range of life fitness treadmills consists of seven models, with a number of features and gizmos. Each of the models has great looks, contemporary styling and are tough and durable.

The treadmills are ergonomic and built in proportion to the runner.  The bars to catch on while running can be used at adjustable positions and they have a very sexy look. The moment you take a look at the machine you feel like hopping on and running.

The features of the various models are mostly the same. They differ in terms of the size and the gizmos attached.

The features are listed below.

Belt and the Deck: The infused lubricated belt has the ABTS or advanced belt tracking system with Flexdeck for shock absorption and comfort while running.

Motor: The continuous duty motor has a power range of 2.5 to 3.5 bhp.

Heart rate monitor: The hands free heart rate monitor gives the total statistics of your heart condition and thus makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Multipurpose Digital gadgets: There are many inbuilt programs to make your running experience a fun filled one. You can even keep track of your total mileage and the improvements that you have been making.