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Landice Treadmills: Excellent Fitness Products

Landice treadmills are a quality fitness product by Landice Inc of New Jersey. Landice treadmills are available for both commercial and home use. These treadmills also come in a special version for rehabilitation and wellness purposes. These treadmills have been chosen as the Number One treadmill for customer satisfaction by Runner's World, a leading fitness magazine.

Landice treadmills for home use include the L7 Series and L8 Series. The main features of the L7 series are a 4 ply belt the dimensions of which are 50” x 20”. This belt runs on 2-1/2" diameter, 14-pound steel rollers. The L7 series can take weight up to 400 lbs, and can generate speed in the range of 0.5 to 12 MPH.

You also get 15 per cent electric grade elevation with the L7 series Landice treadmills. The Landice treadmills of the L8 Series are an upgrade model. They come with a roomier, 22”X 63” belt which runs on 3-1/2" diameter, 22-pound steel rollers. These treadmills can support an enormous 500 lbs and come with a reading/accessory rack.

The popular commercial Landice treadmills are the L9 Club series Landice treadmills. They are powered by a 3 HP continuous duty motor. The belt measures 22”x 63” and runs on 3-1/2" diameter, 22-pound steel rollers. These Landice treadmills offer a 12 per cent grade electric elevation, and can take 500lbs of weight. There is a reading/accessories rack as well. These Landice treadmills are the best mirror of the 35 year experience that Landice has in the area of fitness equipment. The Club Series of the company offer cutting-edge engineering and the best craftsmanship.

Another series of popular commercial class Landice treadmills is the Landice LTD Treadmills. These treadmills are meant for institutional setups where the machines are not meant to be used for more than five hours daily. However, this does not mean that Landice treadmills of the LTD Series are underpowered or compromised in any way. The specifications of the L7 LTD Landice treadmills and L8 LTD Landice treadmills are similar to those of similar models of Landice treadmills available in Club Series.

Landice is also famous for their Rehabilitation and wellness treadmills. These Landice treadmills are meant to treat people experiencing acute neurological or post operative problems and also for training purposes by athletes and sportsmen. Naturally, these Landice treadmills are the best in business. These treadmills offer some unique features. They have a zero starting speed as opposed to 0.5MPH speed of most treadmills. These treadmills come with an ultra high torque drive, an attractive Titanium finish, and are available in both L7 and L8 belt sizes. There is a patient attachable safety lanyard and extended parallel medical handrails in these treadmills.