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Landice L870 Home ProSports Trainer- A Review

If you prefer an intense workout on your treadmill, it is imperative that the build of your treadmill is excellent. The Landice L870 Home ProSports Trainer provides you just that. Within the privacy of your home, the Landice Home ProSports Trainer allows you to engage in a gym-quality workout session.

Motor: Landice L870 Home ProSports Trainer is equipped with a heavy, 3 HP Continuous duty motor. This motor is powerful enough to propel user weights up to 500 lbs to speed ranging from 0.5 mph to 12 mph.

Frame: The frame is an all-aluminum one. It is lightweight yet strong enough to withstand the abuse caused due to a 500 lb body. The use of aircraft frame-locking technology makes it tough and yet lightweight. The frame comes in titanium shade.

Running deck: The L8 running deck measures 32"X82". The four-ply running belt measures 22"X63" and is mounted on 22 pound, 3 1/2 inch steel rollers. The deck is 1 inch thick and is maintenance free. The deck is equipped with VFX Sock Absorption across the entire length of running deck. Also, after 3000 hours, the deck can be flipped on to the other side and used.

Elevation: To increase the resistance of a workout session, Landice L870 Home ProSports Trainer is equipped with 15 per cent electric grade elevation.

Display Panel: The Landice L870 Home ProSports Trainer comes equipped with a high definition, two-tone color display panel. The information provided is the usual (speed, distance, time, calories burned). It comes with a numeric keypad. However, there is no heart-rate display panel. It can be fitted separately.

Electronic Features: Landice L870 Home ProSports Trainer is equipped with 5 built-in programs. These are complimented by 5 user-defined programs which users can formulate in which ever way they want. Further, statistics and personal data of five different users can be stored in the memory of a Landice L870 Home ProSports Trainer.

Also, the L870 comes with a standard, wireless, chest-strap heart rate monitor. But, if you want something more then you can get yourself an Accutrack Contact heart rate monitoring system.

Accessories: The L870 comes fitted with a reading and accessory rack. Also, by paying a little extra you can also get parallel medical rails.

Price: This might sound as a deterrent to many but the $4695.00 price tag on Landice L870 Home ProSports Trainer is justifiable.

Warranty: The warranty that comes along with the Landice L870 Home ProSports Trainer is fabulous. There is a life-time warranty on the motor, frame and all movable and immovable parts. However, there is one only 1 year warranty on labor (which is not too disappointing).