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Ironman Triad Treadmill: For Some Serious Workout

Treadmills are one of the best ways to get the benefits of an outdoor exercise while you are still indoors. While there are treadmills aplenty in the market, some treadmills are designed to deliver the best value for your money and Ironman Triad Treadmill can be easily considered one of them. This treadmill is designed to be a big power horse and i can justify every penny of the price for which it retails.

The Ironman Triad boasts of being a very powerful device. It comes with a Herculean 3hp continuous duty motor. This means that it is able to satisfy the demands of a casual runner or a professional running enthusiast. The treadmill can take up to 350lbs of weight and its belt is 60 inches in length and 20 meters in width. This means that even professional athletes can use the treadmill with absolute comfort.

The device comes with 15 different modes which means there is something for everyone in the Ironman Triad. There are eight self programmable modes so the runner can set them according to his own exercise regimen .Four preset modes can get the runner started with just some button presses. There are two manual mode options and one preprogrammed heart
rate mode.

Speaking of the heart rate mode, you would be surprised to know that the device comes with an option to choose from two heart rate monitors. A basic monitor with five features comes for $130 and you can upgrade to a 17 feature based one for just $160. The heart rate monitor integrates with the other features of treadmills and the runner can see the heart beat rate at the moment, peak rate of heartbeat achieved during the session and a number of other things.

The treadmill comes with a plethora of other features and accessories as well. The mats which are a basic accessory with a treadmill are very good and durable. They come for just $25. Overall the Ironman Triad treadmill retails around $3000. The fact that it is made in Taiwan means that it does not suffer the complaints of some other offshore manufactured products. If you are serious about your health, this is the treadmill you need.