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Image Treadmills - The Cheapest Treadmills in the Icon Range

Although the Image brand of treadmills is a child of the same company, Icon Health & Fitness, that manufactures the brands Proform, Weslo and Healthrider, it doesn’t match up to the reputation of its reputable siblings.

There is a certain market share that the brand undoubtedly enjoys. However, if you are serious about beginning a fitness routine at home, there are other better machines available in the market.

After all, how much can you expect from a treadmill that costs between 400 to 1700 dollars. At $400, you cannot expect to buy a treadmill and think that it will run (pun intended) for 10 years, without any problems.

A good indicator of quality is the length of the warranty that any manufacturer extends on a product. At 90 days, the Image range just does not inspire confidence. The least acceptable warranty period on a treadmill is six months.

It is probably these two reasons that account for the brand’s low market reputation.

All said and done, if you do want to buy an Image treadmill then the Image 10.0 treadmill is a decent buy.


The entire range of Image treadmills fall between 400 and 1700 dollars, with most of them under 1000. These models have impact absorption and wrist pulse monitors. The Image 10.0 is the best model of the entire range.


A low priced treadmill makes you question its quality and durability. On top of that, a short hand me down warranty just adds to the general suspicion about the product’s reliability.

It can be said that although the range of Image treadmills at a first glance does not carry a good impression, the Image 10.0 treadmill is a good purchase, especially if you are working on a tight budget.