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Image treadmills: ideal for an average person

Icon Health and Fitness are the distributors of Image treadmills. Icon is a prominent and prestigious retail firm that also makes Nordic Track and Reebok brand treadmills. Although some may say that the Image label is not every bit so widely distinguished, their treadmill gear offers a wide choice of features at an exceedingly reasonable price. Actually, Image treadmills provides a level of  quality that is comparable to the better known Icon Fitness treadmills for a much lower price.

The treadmills designed by the company are sturdy, well-constructed, long lasting and  appropriate for ordinary users. Many Image treadmills models have been favorably reviewed and even ranked at the top in several reviews in physical fitness magazines.

Considered to be in the basic starting level to middle-of-the-road moderate level treadmill gear, the Image treadmills decidedly offer adequate features at a fair and reasonable cost. The lone drawback if any lies in its short warranty period. Most Image treadmills models have  just a 90-day period warranty on parts. However, some models do provide up to three years coverage.

Image treadmills are priced in the range of $400 to $1,000. It is an attractive price to pay for the assurance of the Icon Fitness brand. Most of these treadmills can be folded. All of the models are available with a stable and high quality deck belts for running or walking. The primary models provide a heart or pulse rate monitoring device, four programmed workout exercises and cushion padded deck, whereas the more advanced and sophisticated treadmills come with the iFIT features.

The iFit technology allows you to program workouts with the help of internet downloads from the web, or with your own CDs or video recordings. The motor is not as powerful as generally found in many other treadmill brands and it runs at an upper limit of a maximum of 1.75 H.P. However, novices and moderate users will find that this speed is quite all right for normal workouts.

Moderately priced and available with many additional features, Image treadmills are a groovy alternative for the ordinary individual. With the esteemed nametag and long-lasting build, the Image treadmills are substantially worth their price.