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Image Treadmills Are a Good Choice

Image treadmills is a prestigious and well known built by the internationally distinguished company, Icon Health and Fitness. Icon brings out various superior quality brands such as Healthrider, Proform and Weslo and it is a licensed reseller of the popular Reebok and Golds Gym brands. All the same, in spite of this proud class of fitness gear the Image range of treadmills appears to be just run of the mill in terms of sophistication and long-term durability.

This however does not mean that Image treadmills do not have a market. If you are a serious treadmill user who is looking for durable and sturdy equipment for home use there are alternative brands in the same or just somewhat higher price range that should be considered in place of Image treadmills.

First of all, the price of Image treadmills itself makes one feel mistrustful of the equipment. Their treadmills prices range between four hundred dollars ($400) to seventeen hundred dollars ($1,700). In this price range, one really cannot expect to buy a classy treadmill that one may hope to last for many years. This reflects on why Image treadmills are not amongst the popular range of Icon’s fitness equipment.

Besides, Icon provides a short warranty of just 90 days. This is low and possibly reflects their average quality. Just about any other decent treadmill brands carry a six-month warranty at least. If on a shoestring budget, there is only one Image treadmill that is recommended, and that is the Image 10.0 treadmill.

Image treadmills cater to the low to moderately priced class with its treadmills prices in the range of $400 - $1,700.  Most are below $1,000. They have a range of features that includes impact absorption and heart rate monitors. The Image 10.0 treadmill is none-the-less Image’s best model.

Finally, most experts will not recommend purchasing Image treadmills because of their average quality and short warranty period.