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Image Treadmill: Now This Is Value For Money!

Image treadmills are a product of Icon Health and Fitness, the largest fitness equipment company. Image treadmills are not as popular as other brands of Icon. Anyone can get good value for money treadmills of this brand, especially in the mid range category. By no means, however, does that lack of popularity mean that Image treadmill is a low quality product.

An exceptional feature if Image treadmill is the 'iFit' technology. 'iFit' technology allows multimedia entertainment content access and creation of professional workout routines from CD's Videos or the internet.

Almost all models of Image treadmill are folding and have a trade marked name for this feature 'Sapce Saver'. On the other hand, when compared to lifetime warranties on motor and frame offered by many makers, the three year motor, two year parts and one year labor warranty seems paltry. But, when compared to the 90 day warranty on some other brands by Icon, Image treadmill seem to have very long warranty period.

There are five models of Image treadmill to choose from. The basic Image Treadmill 19.0R is available at a discounted price as low as $549. The top of the line Image Advanced 3000 Treadmill is available for just $1599.

The Image Treadmill 19.0R is a very good treadmill and a very powerful one as well. It comes at a discounted price of just $549 though comes with a 2.80 THP Velocity Motor, an extremely rare offering in this price bracket. There is 300lbs maximum weight tolerance in this Image treadmill. The belt again is a unique one in the price range. At 55” x 19” belt dimension, this Image treadmill offers more legroom at a lesser price.

The deck of this Image treadmill comes with a special Precision Response Cushioning system. This system reduces the stress on your joints while exercising. This Image treadmill has different windows to tell the number of calories burnt, distance covered, and your current speed. Another unique feature of this Image treadmill is the EKG 2 Heart Rate monitor. You just cannot find this feature in any sub $1000 treadmill.

The high end model of Image treadmill is the Advanced 2000 model. This Image treadmill comes with a 2 CHP Velocity Pro motor with a Commercial Quadra Drive system. This machine can sustain speed up to 10 MPH on a 25% incline which will make other motors grunt and quirk. You can adjust the speed of this Image treadmill with the touch of a single button, thanks to the trademarked Quick Speed Control feature. There are two CoolAire fans to keep the environment comfortable.

With this feature set available, at such a low price, Image treadmill is, certainly, a great value for money.