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Horizon Treadmills Ratings

Horizon comes in different sets and helps to gain fitness with proper workout. The various models are available in the wholesale and with features suitable to the customer as per choice. To know more on "horizon treadmills ratings", read Buying a new treadmill.

Horizon treadmills are made by Johnson, the makers of vision fitness. They are very popular and one of the top selling brands world wide.

Overall, they produce items with good value for your money and 'horizon treadmills ratings' have received some favorable reviews from both Runner's World Magazine and Consumer Report and the consumer forum. The reviews say that Horizon treadmills have many different models, basically the same, with slight differences here and there. But, the best thing is that each series has similar construction and uses the same parts. Because of the numerous models, one rightly gets the chance to choose the model he wants.

Runner' World rated the Horizon 5.2T as the "most favorite" among the 8 treadmills. The review was conducted by a panel of experts and 150 runners and it was found to be doing satisfactory performance.

The Horizon T61 treadmill is a cheaply built machine for mass appeal. There is one year labor warranty i.e if it breaks within a year, Horizon picks up the repair tab. Some of the features of horizons are:
a) Integrated digital drive for reliable performance.
b) Incline motor delivers good workout.
c) Sturdy frame design can be used more rigorously.
d) Tapered and balanced rollers reduce the possibility of motor wear and tear.

Thus, reviews on horizon treadmills ratings recommend a buy for short term use or for the beginners.