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Horizon Treadmills: Not So Great After All

If you have been related to the health and fitness sector for sometime, the name of Horizon treadmills might sound very familiar. Horizon has been one of the oldest players in the fitness products market and there was a time when its products were considered to be very good but that seems to be a distant past now and it looks like Horizon has failed to keep up with the increasing demands of health and fitness sector in general and treadmill industry in particular.

While the Horizon treadmills are available for prices between a lowly $700 to a relatively moderate $1400, it seems that the principle of “you get what you pay for” fits completely on the Horizon treadmills. When you purchase a cheap treadmill you can not expect very much but it looks like the Horizon products even fail to deliver on whatever lowly expectations you might be having about them. Remember to add the money you would have to pay for repairs.

It seems that the only aspect where Horizon treadmills are able to save face is the looks department. These treadmills are real lookers. But you are purchasing a treadmill to do some exercise, not to keep it as a showpiece.

It seems that ever since Horizon shifted the production of their treadmills to China in order to cut costs and pass the benefit to the customers, the only thing that the company seems to have cut is the level of quality in the product and the only thing it has been able to pass to its customers is an endless volley of woes which closely tags along with its treadmills.

The machines have gone low both on workmanship and parts. They are much more fragile than their previous generation ancestors which are still considered to be some of the best treadmills that a person looking for an affordable treadmill could purchase.

If you are out to purchase a treadmill for your home based gym or exercise room, it is recommended that you skip the Horizon treadmills and look for something better. After all it is better to be safe than sorry.