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Horizon Treadmills: For Contemporary Jogging, Walking And Running

Talking about the largest manufacturers in the category of fitness equipments and Horizon does not find any mention, it’s hard to digest. Horizon has been rated as the fifth largest producer of treadmills, worldwide. With time, the brand has come up with state-of the-art machines that have successfully catered to the needs of the people, who are fitness freak.

Besides treadmills, Horizon is also in the manufacturing of various other machines like elliptical trainers, rowing equipment, cardio fitness machines, to name a few. Horizon has ventured into both, home and gym-use equipment. Its popular lines of treadmill include Omega, Paragon and Quantum. It is flaunted by its manufacturer that each of these machines before being launched in the market, is subjected to rigorous testing.

Well, you have from contemporary jogging, walking and running to practicing on extreme inclinations, everything at your disposal by this maker. Most of the Horizon treadmills feature low frame makeup, which makes them suitable for use in rooms that have a low-ceiling construction.

Now you could be planning to buy Horizon Treadmill. But before buying a treadmill, the rules remain the same. You ought to do thorough research about the model of treadmill and your personal health requirements to home in the best suited treadmill. Here is your quick guide on some of the most preferred models of Horizon Treadmill:

1) The T74 series: This series flaunts features like a drive system, lift system with a suspension and an electronic console. The significance of a drive system is that it gives power to your treadmill belt. The drive system technology that T74 carries is the best in the market. The console system gives the machine an ability to display speed and heart rate. This system also supports the incline keys.

The treadmill also includes a cushioning system that helps in absorbing shock. And not to forget, the machine has a lift system. This lift system helps you to make the storage easy by raising and lowering the deck of the treadmill. To move the machine, the machine is equipped with wheels. This treadmill gives you eight workout programs with a 15-year warranty.

2) The T73 series: These machines come with a 12-year warranty. The flaunting   features are an on-demand speed, adjustments system for inclination, a three zone cushioning system and a set of eight workout programs.

3) The T72 series: This line of treadmills by Horizon has been rightly termed as a “demand control” machine. These are the treadmills that have been designed basically for commercial use. They come to you with six workout programs and a ten-year warranty.

4) The T71 series: T71 series gave the Horizon manufacturers an entry into the field of treadmill manufacturing. The model features everything, from a sports club design to the presence of a console feature that helps you walk with ease.

From amongst all the models mentioned above, the T74 and T73 are the best. These models have been designed primarily to support a wide spectrum of activities. But all in all, your budget and fitness needs will primarily decide on your treadmill pick.