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Horizon Fitness Treadmill

Horizon fitness treadmill is very popular high quality treadmill brand that is globally renowned for nothing else but endurance. Endurance being horizon fitness treadmill's hallmark is reflected by it's long warranty. In all reviews and ratings, Horizon models have been bestowed with accolades for their stability and durability. These elite genre of treadmills are a bit pricey but they deserve to be priced higher. If you end up buying a horizon fitness treadmill, you are likely to save yourself from quick repair and replacement of parts and can carry out your workout. Horizon treadmills cater to consumer with special treadmill maintenance kits to keep treadmill in a good condition in your home gym. To know more, read horizon fitness treadmill.

Horizon fitness treadmills are offered with a wide range of models and prices. It offers treadmill for beginners for mild level of workouts as well as models for complex running exercises with heavy duty machine. Horizon also offers beneficial troubleshooting suggestions on it's website. Horizon treadmills also offer replacement parts, such as running belt, free of cost, in case your equipment happens to be under warranty period.

You will have to mention the serial number of your treadmill on a horizon replacement center to get your part replaced. But, make sure that replaced part is compatible with other components of your horizon fitness treadmill. Horizon offers certain lifestyle compact models too that are smoothly making inroads into the treadmill market. Its advanced models with heart rate monitors are suggested for cardiovascular fitness requirement. It's middle range models are quite good as home exercise equipment.