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Home treadmills don't have the obligation to be endurable like a gym treadmill, but they are still expected to meet individual demands and last for a relatively long time. Home treadmills are also used rigorously and should be manufactured keeping in view intense individual workouts. Therefore before buying a home treadmill, its better to go through the home treadmill reviews. They provide a comprehensive feedback on the various models available today.

The reviews will help you get the best deals in terms of prices and warranties offered. There are various manufacturers of home treadmills and they all claim the use of technology and state-of-the-art engineering to provide the best exercise machines. But the brand alone should not be the deciding factor to buy a treadmill. Based on a home treadmill review you can calculate the advantages and disadvantages for each model offered.

The reviews bring out the smallest flaws in the models and conduct painstaking efforts to rate them on a scale of 10 to 20. The reviews on home treadmills from manufacturers like - Healthrider, Nordictrack Landice, Precor, Life Fitness, and Sole reveal all the features of the treadmills and at the same time the features are compared with one another.

Such reviews also offer useful advice for the first-time buyers. For example, they stress upon the fact that don’t buy a treadmill that has a weak motor or has power less than 2.0 hp. If the belt dimensions are less then 55”x 20”, the reviews recommend avoiding buying them.