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Golds Gym Treadmill

If you look into the history of the Golds Gym products, you will definitely say no to the treadmills from this brand. They are not the real manufacturer, but the treadmills are produced by some others in the licensed name of the Golds Gym.

Previously, Golds Gym treadmill was regarded by the critics as a good entry-level treadmill. A treadmill that one can buy. This won't affect the budget a lot. But recently, the prices have been raised so high that no one would now like to even get them as beginners. Since, there are other good treadmills from different brands with the same price.

One of its best-rated products was the VX5000 treadmill that could be used with much reliability for the beginners. The price of the treadmill was somewhat between $500 to $950, but now the price of the same model is nearly $1300. Now, when you can get Sears treadmills in this price, why would one go for such treadmills.

The weaknesses of the Golds Gym treadmill are as follows:

a) Firstly, Golds Gym are not the real manufacturer. Hence, those who make the models take less care in the production unit. Even the management of the Golds Gym don't take care of the products being manufactured.

b) Secondly, a very less number of models offered from the manufacturer. You don't get options from them. Again, they are not updated with many accessories like others. Then they also lack in proper advertisement of the entry-level machine. People don't even know that there are some Golds Gym home treadmills.