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Epic Treadmills: Not Really Smooth And Sturdy

Epic treadmills have been some of the most popular bands when it comes to fitness products. The reason behind their popularity is the fact that Epic treadmills come overflowing with features. But whatever is popular may not be the best as well.  It seems however that in order to pump more features in the treadmill, the company made compromises on the front of quality.

While Epic treadmills are after all machines and they can develop problems but a number of times the problems become just too much not to mention that they arose in the first place because of the reasons which could have been avoided.

These treadmills are available from Costco where they are sold by its manufacturers, Icon Fitness. Icon, mind you, is a $1 billion company but it seems that the company needs to give more money to its quality assurance department. Considering the massive size of Icon, it does seem that the company can easily divert a few hundred thousand dollars to improve Epic line but for now the line has problems and not much can be done about them.

The main problem is that Epic treadmills lack stability. In fact a number of people who have purchased Epic branded treadmills have said that they think they squandered their money on a glorified fancy toy. The treadmills are not very sturdy and the person who shall use the treadmill would think that either the treadmill would wall apart any moment or he would fall over any moment. Not to forget that the cushioning on these treadmills could have been better as well.

It seems that poor workmanship and parts are not the only woes of Epic treadmills. Its maker, Icon might have established some reputation for itself by making some good products in other lines, the poor customer support services provided by this company have been the eternal nemesis of Icon products.

While Costco and Icon seem to have cooked up something and have offered a TV free with Epic treadmills, if you want a treadmill for some proper exercising, it is recommended that you think again before buying an Epic treadmill.