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Epic Treadmill Review-What to Know About Epic Treadmills

If you are thinking of buying an Epic treadmill, then there are certain things about the treadmill that you should know.

It is an old brand of treadmill that has recently been reintroduced into the market by Icon Health & Fitness the company that owns the brand. The company also has a number of other brands such as Nordic, Reebok, Proform, Weslo and Image in its portfolio.

In order to help you decide, the advantages and disadvantages of the brand are given below.


The products in the Epic line of treadmills are affordable. The Epic T60, 400 MX and 425 MX are models that are usually available under $1000.  If you are on a budget, then these models are a good buy.

A team of over 200 engineers is involved in the design of the products in the Epic range. The product features many innovative features such as a pulse grip monitor and in-built workout programs.

The models in this range have a very sizeable walking are on which you can walk or run without getting a cramped feeling.


Epic as a brand has been relaunched, no doubt. Even in the past, the parts and assemblies used in the treadmill were known to be substandard. As a result, the motor and the cushioning power of the treadmills is not something about which you can write home. However, after the reintroduction of the product, we may expect better parts.

The model Epic T60 was recalled by the manufacturer on account of a serious safety issue.

Customer feedback about Epic’s after sales service is slightly critical and the complaints are regarding poor service.

The conclusion is that there are a number of other brands that fall in the same price category that you can consider before you make your decision.