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Epic T60Treadmill: More Value For Money Than You Can Imagine

Are you looking for fitness equipment that shall help you lose the unsavory pounds you put up during the last few months? If yes then a treadmill is just the thing you are looking for. While there are treadmills abound in the market, if you want the best value for money with a lot of features, Epic T60 treadmill is just the thing you are looking for.

Epic T60 is meant for all levels of treadmill exercises and it is available at really affordable prices. The treadmill is available exclusively through a Costco outlet. If you are a Costco member, there is a special ‘members only’ discount as well. You can purchase it from Costco outlets in 37 States of USA, from 65 Costco warehouses in Canada, 16 Costco warehouses in the United Kingdom. Its also available in Japan, Korea, Mexico Taiwan and Puerto Rico.

Epic T60 is a quality product from Icon Health and Fitness Inc. The company is renowned all over the world for its quality products in the area of sports, health and fitness. The company makes some of the most feature packed treadmills and its products are like by fitness professionals, amateurs and casual users of treadmills alike. Epic T60 is a worthy successor to the legacy of other Epic branded treadmills.

The Epic T60 was designed to be usable by anyone. Therefore it can easily take up someone weighing as heavy as 350lbs. The device is primarily targeted at the home user but it is also usable in a professional environment considering that it is designed to be rugged and sturdy. In fact the treadmill is one of the best options available in the price range where it is placed.

Epic T60 has multiple information displays which allow the user of treadmill to see the time and distance covered in the session and the speed at which the he has been going. Similarly the displays can also present the number of calories that the user of treadmill has burnt in the current session based in the speed, time and distance as well the data collected from the Pulse sensor.

Retailing at a price below $1000, the Epic T60 offers more value for money than anyone can ask for.