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Endurance Treadmills: Treadmill for a Lifetime

Endurance treadmills are famous in the health equipment market for their unmatched warranty. They come with a lifetime warranty, something that other makers shy away from offering. You can get a motorized endurance treadmill from anywhere between $1300 and $ 2200. Another very important feature of endurance treadmills is that they have welded frames.

This means that when you buy an Endurance treadmill, you get a very stable and secure machine. .As the frame fewer nuts and bolts and other such weak joints, you do not have to bother about nuts and bolts becoming loose and destabilizing the frame.

Endurance treadmills come in many brands and models like Endurance T3, Endurance TF3i, Endurance T4i, and Endurance TF6i HRC. The crown jewel of Endurance treadmills, however, is the Endurance T6i HRC which offers the best value within Endurance product lineup.

The T6i HRC Endurance treadmills come with a Heart Rate Control system. There is a polar compatible wireless chest strap as well. Powering this Endurance treadmill is a 2.5HP continuous duty motor. If you are a music buff, this Endurance treadmill comes with a CD holder as well. The display system of T6i HRC Endurance treadmills informs you about your heart rate, elevation, time, distance you have covered, speed and the calories you have burnt. This mode is priced at $1999 and comes with a lifetime (1 year labor) warranty.

Endurance treadmills offer the TF6i model to people who need all the benefits of T6i Endurance treadmills, with a folding convenience. This is the folding cousin of T6i Endurance treadmill. This model has a compacter belt, but retains all other features of the Endurance treadmills of the T6i family.

On the other hand, the base model of Endurance treadmills is the T3. Priced at a mere $1299, yet offering a lifetime warranty on everything except labor, the T3 is going to be a life long companion for you. Simplicity is the forte of the T3 Endurance treadmills. A stable welded frame and six fat burning programs, interval, cardiovascular, and endurance make the T3 the best in the business. You can see elevation, time, speed, and calories burnt on the integrated display. T3 Endurance treadmills are powered by a 2.2HP motor which is a rarity in treadmills of this price bracket.

All Endurance treadmills have some common features like a six point deck suspension. This means that you will feel comfortable even during long sessions on the Endurance treadmills. All Endurance treadmills offer a cool down feature to ensure your body gets proper cooling after an exercise session. Further, Endurance treadmills come with a safety key system to prevent any accidents or unauthorized access to the machine.