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Cybex 600R Commercial Treadmill- A Review

If you are looking for a treadmill that would serve your needs for at least the next 15 odd years then look no further than Cybex 600R Commercial Treadmill. It is a commercial class machine refurbished and marketed for home users. It gives workout of a gym-quality machine but doesn't cost a bomb.

Cybex 600"R" Treadmill- Brand New Vs Refurbished
A brand new Cybex 600 commercial treadmill costs a fortune and is meant only for gyms and health-clubs. Its advantages can be realized (and cost recovered) only in these places. However, gym and health-club owners are keen to have the latest equipment available in the market. Hence, they sell the old (which can, at times, be only three to four years old) treadmill machines back to the machine's makers and get new ones in their place.

Treadmill manufacturers then refurbish these treadmills and put them for sale in the home-user market, where knowledgeable customers lap them up as soon as they are available. The main reason to do so is the fact that the price of these refurbished machines is significantly less than the brand new ones. However, the quality and built of treadmill is exactly the same. In such a trade-off the end user always finds him/herself in a win-win situation.

Specifications of Cybex 600R Commercial Treadmill
Motor: The Cybex 600R commercial treadmill is equipped with a heavy duty 3 HP continuous running motor. It doesn't over heat very easily and is powerful enough to propel users weighing up to 400 lbs to speeds up to 11 mph. This is the most that one would need in a household.

Inclination: The inclination levels that can be attained are -2 to 15 per cent.

Frame: The frame of Cybex 600R commercial treadmill is made from metal and comes with a powder coating finish. It is sturdy enough to bear user weights up to 400 lbs. Since it was intended to be used commercially, the frame was designed to last up to 20 years.

Running Deck: The running deck is equipped with a 4 ply running belt with 20"X58" dimensions.

Display Panel and Controls: The display panel comprises of an LED screen which shows all relevant information. The panel comes equipped with a pulse-grip and wireless chest monitor.

Programs: There are 6 pre-defined programs that allow the users to engage in different types of workout sessions. There are different difficulty levels which effectively increase the number of pre-defined programs.

Price: A brand new Cybex 600 commercial treadmill can easily cost upwards of $4000. However, the Cybex 600R commercial treadmill comes only for $1500.

So, Should You Buy The Cybex 600R Commercial Treadmill?
The build quality of Cybex 600 commercial treadmill is superb. They are originally built to last for 20 years. Hence, there is still some life left even after taking a 12X7 pounding for around four years in a gym or health club. After a little refurbishment, these become fit for use in a household.