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Consumers are the real user of the treadmills and they can tell you more than the treadmill critics. This is because, a consumer has been using the machine since the day he bought it and the real machine and its performance is understood as time passes. They can tell you whether it is capable of withstanding the test of time or not and how much repair and replacement of parts does it need. Critic's ratings are only superficial and they write after testing the machine once. They cannot tell you what will happen after 4-5 years of your purchase.

How can a consumer review help you?
It's very simple. The reviews on the particular treadmill by the customers would reveal the true nature of the machine. The manufacturer will never highlight the weak points of their products. Consumers who have used the model will tell you their personal experiences. They will definitely bring forward the benefits they got and the areas they struggled with the machine.

Consumer reports or reviews will make you acquaint with all the features of the treadmill they are using and the benefits they received. Hence, you get warnings on bad models and adulation on good ones.

You can also read the reviews on various models besides the ones you have decided to buy. This would increase your knowledge on the machine and the functions of the various parts of the treadmill. Also, you get a chance to compare the various makes of the reputed brands.

The consumer review covers all the aspects of a treadmill. The motor, the running belt,  efficiency, and even the functions of other gadgets are widely discussed. After reading all these views, you would step into any shop with the confidence that the salesman cannot fool you. Thus, you will choose the perfect treadmill.