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Best Treadmill Workout

Treadmills are basically meant for running, walking and jogging. But few realize that to get the optimum benefits, one must follow some treadmill workouts is a particular fashion. It must be followed with complete discipline and done exactly as shown in the workout programs. There are many treadmill workouts that you can get from various sources.

The treadmill magazines, health magazines, treadmill exercise instructors and others publish such treadmill workouts, where you are instructed how to do the workouts. The workouts of all these sources vary in time period and exercise modules.

Actually, they have been designed to accomplish various missions like weight loss, muscle evaluation or simple fitness. If you are using a treadmill for the purpose of your cardiovascular and overall fitness of the body, then the following workout would be the best treadmill workout for you.

First week

Start with a warm-up and try to walk slowly on the treadmill if you are new user. Even if you are completely comfortable running or walking on it, you must follow this. This is because you would be starting a new workout program for you fitness. Warm-up is essential, as it prepares the body for hard work. Don't raise your speed to more than 1.5 miles per hour or 2.5 km per hour. Remember to relax between workouts for five minutes or so. And rest one day week.

Second week

Warm-up is always necessary, no doubt whatever form of exercise you do and your degree of expertise. Now, increase the speed of your walk to 2 miles per hour and perform jogging two days a week. Make two days as rest period. Take care of your liquid diet as you will sweat more now. So, maintain the water volume of your body. Drink at least 5 to 6 liters of water every day.

Third week

Mild running, three days a week at alternate days can be performed. One day brisk walking, one day jog and three days running with two days of rest. You can schedule the regimen as per your comfort. But remember warm-up, water and your diet are essential ingredients of any workout plan. Take care what you eat. You should start eating good food both in terms of quantity and nutrient content.

Fourth week

For four days, run at a speed of 6 to 7 miles an hour and three days are marked for rest. After one month you can continue with two days of rest every week. After this week, your body is now ready to carry rigorous work. You can increase your walking and running speed week-after-week and after two months make it stable for another two months.