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A Sneak Peek At The Horizon Elite Line of Treadmills

There are a number of treadmill makers active in the market today but some brands have created a market reputation for themselves by offering quality products time and again. Horizon Elite is one such name which has become an icon for good quality treadmills in the market. These treadmills are designed to attract you with their durability. They are professional range of machines and they are targeted at the fitness professionals and sportsmen.

The Horizon Elite treadmill range consists five models and each of these models are designed to offer you the best value for every single penny you pay for. All these models are very light and have a folding form factor to ensure extreme portability.

The basic model in Horizon Elite range of treadmills is 1.1T. This treadmill comes with a decent 1.75hp motor. You can extract a speed of 10 miles per hour and a 10 % incline can be adjusted to ensure that you can find the best level of intensity of exercise for you. There is a display console on the treadmill which can show the current rate of heartbeat, elevation of the treadmill, time you have been running on the treadmill, distance covered, speed at which you are going and calories that are burnt.

A step higher in the range is Horizon Elite 2.1T. The treadmill comes with all the features of 1.1T model and its enhancements include an emergency stop button to avoid accidents, an integrated stereo music system, water bottle holder and the bottle of course and even a book holder (no books though, unless you count the manuals)

The highest model of Horizon Elite, the 5.1T comes with all the standard features in its price range. The unique features of this treadmill include ten program modes, a long and roomy 60 inch track and an ability to take 350 pounds of weight. This means that everyone in your family can use this treadmill.

Horizon Elite treadmills are available for every home user and the three strongest points of these treadmills are features, durability and value for money.