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A Review of Horizon Fitness Treadmills

Johnson Health Tech is the manufacturer of Horizon fitness treadmills. The company is highly acclaimed with more than 25 years of experience in the fitness equipment industry. Horizon treadmills are favorably rated amongst the experts and users. They are rated highly for the quality of their components and the construction rather than fancy features or gizmos.

Fitness experts rate Treadmill workouts as a good way to exercise and keep fit and healthy. Walking, jogging and running are the usual and natural forms of exercise that help keep and improve fitness levels and cardiovascular health. The Horizon treadmill range is considered most suitable for those who do not work out very often and for those who restrict themselves to jogging.

The Horizon equipment comes with motors that range between 1.75 H.P to 2.5 H.P. In the Horizon range of treadmills for about $800 to $2,000 one can get a fairly good sized running area, say about 20 inches x 55 inches in size. The Horizon treadmills’ steel frames are rated as being sturdy and score high for carrying a lifetime warranty. Horizon also gets excellent ratings for its high standards of maintenance and after sales services.

Horizon’s home treadmills like the t51 and the t52 do not have many fancy features, but still they provide very comfortable workouts because of their good basic equipment design and their spacious decks. They also come with specially balanced rollers that give a stable workout surface. It is advisable to make a comparative study of the various models on offer amongst the better-rated treadmills so that you can finally select the correct model according to your fitness requirements and taste.