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A Profile of Cybex Health Equipment

Cybex International is a renowned producer of internationally acclaimed fitness products. Cybex fitness equipment is innovative in design, extremely sturdy and long lasting. Its extensive range of fitness products helps to cater to different types of  fitness regimes and  assists in devising new workout plans.

Cybex offers financing options to its customers. They also offer special promotion deals from time-to-time. The Cybex fitness equipment range includes cardio-vascular exercise equipment, equipment for strength training, treadmills and equipment for commercial purposes.

Its cardio-vascular range includes cross trainers, treadmills, steppers and bikes. Some models available in this category are Arc Trainer, Total Body Arc Trainer, Self-Powered Total Body Arc, 425 A Arc Trainer and Home Arc Trainer.

The Arc Trainer was awarded the Nova 7 award in 2004 and 2005. It has a compressed footprint, a  space saving design and provides a wide array of resistance levels. The Total Body Arc Trainer enhances the efficacy of the workout. Its features include heart rate grips, bottle holder and magazine rack.

The Self-Powered Total Body Arc is a total body training machine with varying levels of incline. It also has a personal entertainment monitor. The 425 A Arc Trainer with its pre-set programs and balanced loading option is ideal for the hotel and corporate sectors.

The Home Arc Trainer is designed primarily for home gyms. It provides 11 levels of incline and 20 levels of resistance.

Cybex range of strength equipment includes Eagle, VR, VR 3, Modular, MG 500 Multi-Gym and FT 360s Functional Trainer.

The Modular has two station types: weighted and body weight. The weighted station provides weight stack for resistance. The body weight station uses the body weight of the user for resistance.

The MG 500 Multi-Gym is space-efficient and very flexible. It provides features which give the user  various levels of comfortable workouts. It is perfect for hotels and other such clientele who demand high quality machines which are space efficient to boot.

The FT 360s Functional Trainer is a space-saving, advanced strength-training product for use by professionals. It has handgrips to facilitate a secure hold.

The commercial range includes LCX-425 T Treadmill, which has a wide running surface and provides an excellent warranty. It is compact and provides holders for the bottles, cups, magazines and CD players.

The Cybex range of Cyclone cycles provides exceptional performance and visible results. These are useful for amateurs and professionals alike. The cycle range includes models like Cyclone Recumbent and Cyclone-S Stepper.

Among the treadmill models, LCX 425 T, Pro+, Sport + and CX-445 T deserve special mention. Pro+, with its sleek design is apt for commercial use. The features include one-touch start, prominent display, a 3 HP motor and contact heart rate monitor.

The Sport+ displays information on distance, speed, time, calories and heart rate. It also provides emergency shut-off provisions.

The CX-445 T is built for commercial usage. It has a compact footprint, heart rate monitor and displays speed, time and incline.

Cybex fitness equipment machines are finely crafted with a lot of innovations in design. Extremely trendy and sleek, they are efficient performers. These are good examples of fitness products  which are convenient and easy to use. It is not very surprising that the experts give them high ratings. Their construction is of superlative quality and as a result they are very durable and stand the test of time.