Treadmill Maintenance

What To Do When Your Treadmill Motor Goes Bad

The single most important part of treadmill is its motor. It can be called the heart of a treadmill. The very basic thing you need to know about treadmill is that you should look for a treadmill that comes with the longest warranty on the motor. A minimum of three years shall suffice but there are companies which claim to offer as long as 30 years and even lifetime warranty on the motor. Motor is not something where you should make compromise.

If your warranty is not over yet, do not try to tinker with the treadmill as there might be sticker which if damaged could void your warranty. Immediately call up the manufacturer or treadmill vendor to lay a claim for your warranty repair. Generally the treadmills come with an on site warranty and the treadmill manufacturer would send a technician to your home to patch things up.

Once your motor warranty is over or your treadmill did not come with any motor warranty and your treadmill motor is done for, it is time to look for treadmill motor repair. Keep in mind that treadmill motors repair is not a cheap task. You would have to cough out big money when your treadmill motor goes kaput.

As told earlier, once you think that your treadmill motor is done for, you should call up the treadmill manufacturer. For the people whose treadmill warranty is over, the companies generally run return and refurbish or exchange programs. You can return you bad motor and choose from either getting it fixed for some money, getting a refurbished replacement for some more money or get a new motor exchanged for your bad motor and some more money.

If there is no such plan from the manufacturer, get in touch with your local electrician or treadmill repair technician. Never ever try to open your treadmill motor yourself. First there are absolutely no user serviceable parts inside the motor assembly; secondly if you do not know what you are doing you might just damage the machine further and finally there always the risk of electric shock if the motor is handled while treadmill is powered on.